The University of Arizona Twirling Team performs with the “Pride of Arizona” Marching Band at every home football game. Twirlers perform as one unit and are featured during both the pregame and halftime shows,¬†allowing the team to shine in front of thousands of people. At basketball games, twirlers perform with the UA Pep Band individually and as a team during timeouts as well as halftime. The Arizona football and basketball experiences are truly unique, energetic, and exciting.

The UA Twirlers are involved in the Tucson Rodeo Parade, and other events around Tucson. Many of the twirlers have also taken jobs as twirling coaches in Tucson and surrounding area high schools.

A group of disciplined, hard-working, and intelligent individuals, comprised of state, regional, national, and even world champion baton twirlers, these girls come from all over the United States, and from other countries as well. Both NBTA and USTA members are welcome on this team.

The University of Arizona has one of the best and most unique twirling teams in the nation, with a long tradition of excellence rooted deep in the heart of the Arizona Athletic Bands heritage. For more information, please feel free to contact us.